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1EnnaSona Mashup
2O.S.T - Dawaa (Ab Kar Meri Rafugari)
3O.S.T - Sun Sajnaa (Mujhay Kuch Kehna Hai)
4Jab Koi Pyar Se - Instrumental
5O.S.T - Jab Koi Pyar Se (MUMKIN)
6O.S.T - Sooni Meri Zindagani (Tum Say Mil Kay)
8Magar Kiyoon


I never saw myself as a streamline singer; however, I was never scared to sing out loud in the shower! Then, in 2009 I was forced to face a crowd of over 1500 people, with hands shaking & legs trembling I got to the stage. Since then I have never looked back!

My vision for music has always been to take risks & experiment various instruments & types. If I can love a genuine type of music forever, I am sure there will be others. So, my music is for all those who consider a melody soothing & lyrics relatable.

My friends and family have always supported me, every lyric of my each song is an influence. So I would thank all of you for the success of my endeavors.